Philips HeartStart Defibrillators & AEDs

Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDHeartStart FRx AED, and HeartStart FR3 AED are widely used in both professional and everyday settings. HeartStart AEDs are some of the easiest to maintain and simple to use in the world. Trusted by thousands to save lives during sudden cardiac arrest, choose a Philips AED. We also carry Philips AED accessories. Learn more about Philips here.

Philips HeartStart OnSite AED

8-year warranty No prescription needed-only AED in the US to not require a prescription, “Quick Shock” capabilities. Daily self-tests-ensure unit is ready to be used in a rescue, Lightweight-only 3.3 lbs with electrode pad cartridge and battery pack installed.

Philips HeartStart FRx AED.

8-year warranty, “Quick Shock” capabilities, Daily self-tests-ensure unit is ready to be used in a rescue, Fast handoff to EMS Convert to a non-shocking training unit. lightweight—only 3.5 lbs.

AED Philips HeartStart FR3

5-year warranty; ECG monitoring; manual override capability; unsurpassed durability; pediatric key, advanced feature customization. designed for professional use.

Philips AED units, specifically the HeartStart OnSite AED and HeartStart FRx AED, are widely used in school districts, offices, and police cars. OnSite and FRx AEDs have an 8-year warranty and can easily be converted to trainers with training electrodes. With Philips Quick Shock technology, both can deliver a shock to a patient within 8 seconds of a CPR pause. This greatly increases the chance of survival. FRx and OnSite AEDs also have on-demand CPR coaching to help ensure high-quality CPR. Designed for professional responders, the Philips HeartStart FR3 AED has ECG monitoring and manual override capability.

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