Comfortland Universal Hinged Knee Brace



Comfortland Universal Hinged Knee Brace provides stability and support for chronic knee pains and instability.

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Comfortland Universal Hinged Knee Brace

To meet customer demands, We Offer Comfortland Universal Hinged Knee Brace in a universal model. Offering the same features as the standard hinged knee, the universal model incorporates a unique overlapping system, allowing it to fit a wide variety of patients while continuing to deliver optimum support. The universal hinged knee is only available in a hidden hinge model.

Comfortland Universal Hinged Knee Brace Highlights

  • Front closure for easy application
  • Sturdy lateral supports
  • Covered, adjustable ROM hinge

Lightweight Construction

The hinged knee brace is comprised of lightweight, breathable materials, helping to keep patients comfortable while improving compliance.

Improved Performance

A sturdy design and adjustable ROM hinge help to stabilize the knee and promote proper alignment, helping to relieve pain and restore the patient functionally.

Multiple Options

The Comfortland hinged knee brace comes in various styles, featuring models with exposed hinges as well as covered hinges, as well as a “one size fits all” model that eliminates the need to keep various sizes in stock.


Internal derangement of the knee

Loose body in the knee

Chondromalacia of the patella

Old disruption of the anterior cruciate ligament


Tear of cartilage or meniscus of the knee

Sprains and strains of the knee


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in