Custom Compression Therapy Anklets, Finger Sleeves, Foot Gloves, Knee, Arm, & Thigh Bands & Scrotum Supports

About This Product: Custom compression therapy anklets, finger sleeves, foot gloves, knee bands, arm bands, thigh bands and scrotum supports are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment forvenous insufficiencylymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

Order Forms Required

Hand Tracing
For Use With Paper Tapes
IMF – For Use Without Paper Tapes
For Use With Paper Tapes (Stump)
Upper Extremity Supports (paper tapes)
Upper Extremity Supports IMF (no paper tapes)

Basic Models (See options below)

Options for these Models

Item No Description
009 Reinforced heel
022 Foot web spacer
051E Ensil border
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
056G Lining – full length of knee support
056I Lining – shin (front)
056J Lining – calf (back)
056K Lining – sole
056L Lining -top of foot and ankle
056V Reinforced toe top or bottom
056W Reinforced groin
056AL Lining – full foot