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Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults, and the bathroom is one of the places in the house where falls are most likely to occur. Whether you have a personal caregiver, are the caregiver for a disabled or elderly individual, or are an older adult who wants to remain independent in your home, taking steps to improve the safety of the bathroom can greatly reduce the risk of accidental falls.

Improving Bath Safety in the Tub and Shower

Many slip and fall accidents occur when people are getting in and out of the shower or tub. However, there are many ways you can reduce the risk of injuries while bathing. Transfer benches , Shower Chairs , Three in one commode chair , Bath Lyft , Raised Toilet seats can help individuals who are disabled or who suffer from limited mobility get into the tub more easily. Grab bars can be used to assist with transferring into the tub. In the shower, a grab bar can be used to provide support while bathing or to help an individual catch themselves if they slip. Using a non-slip mat in both the tub and shower can also help improve safety. You can also purchase shower seats that allow individuals to sit down while bathing instead of standing. There are also specialty showerheads with long hoses that can be installed to make bathing simpler.

Simplicity and Bath Safety during Toileting

For disabled or elderly individuals, shifting to a toilet can be difficult and even painful. It is not uncommon for those with limited mobility to slip and fall when trying to use the facilities. Fortunately, you can take steps to make toileting safer and more comfortable. Grab bars or toilet surrounds can be installed beside the toilet to help individuals support themselves as they sit down or stand. Special raised toilet seats reduce the distance a person must bend or shift to sit down and are another effective way to simplify transferring to the toilet. For those who may need a toilet closer to their beds or in a more convenient location, commodes are an excellent solution. Those who experience discomfort while sitting on the toilet can benefit from padded toilet seat cushions, which also raise the height of the toilet seat slightly.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Safety Solutions

Walgreens offers many types of Bath Safety Products & accessories to meet the home health care needs of disabled and elderly individuals and to help their caregivers assist with daily living activities. When choosing products for your home or facility, be sure to pay careful attention to the weight limits on safety devices. All safety solutions are designed to securely support or hold a certain amount of weight. There are bariatric bathroom safety options available for individuals who require an extra strong safety solution. Once you have selected the right bathroom safety products, you must properly install them to ensure they function properly. Follow any instructions provided with the product. If you’re unsure how best to install an item like a grab bar, consult a professional contractor.

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