Pain Management

Through a pain management plan, Healthcare DME helps people manage all kinds of pain. Pain management approaches include Pain Relief Therapy, Pain Relief CBD Products, and Tens Units. Healthcare DME may recommend one approach or a combination of several. Pain management plans help people with chronic (long-lasting) pain feel better and improve their quality of life.

1. DonJoy IceMan CLEAR3+™

The DonJoy IceMan CLEAR3+ cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling with up to 7 hours of continuous cold therapy for a variety of indications.

The IceMan uses a patented semi-closed loop recirculation system, allowing it to deliver more consistent and accurate temperatures than similar units.

2. DonJoy Clear Cube Cold Therapy System™

The clear cooler design makes refills simple, and the entire unit can be easily moved and stored.

Cold therapy has been found to significantly decrease post-operative pain, swelling, and muscle spasms. Patients who use cold therapy may use less pain medication and achieve better, more restful sleep.

3. Thermax Hot/Cold Water Circulation System

The Comfortmax Thermax System provides controlled hot or cold therapy for extended periods (this allows it to meet a variety of indications and protocols) to help patients and practitioners manage pain and swelling.

Lightweight, portable, and easy to use; the CT-100 offers a comprehensive, effective, and efficient solution to hot/cold therapy needs.

Read “Directions for Use of the Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Water Circulation System.

In the PATIENT INFORMATION sections in the Instructions For Use Manual completely before first use, as well as, the entire Instruction For Use Manual.