Catheter Insertion Tray Kit


Catheter Insertion Tray Kit provides everything included in a closed system catheter kit except the catheter. This allows the user the advantage of using a Closed System Catheter Insertion Tray Kit to make cath insertion clean, easy and safe.

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This Catheter Insertion Tray includes a 1500 mL Bag, BZK Wipe, Lubricating Jelly, Ambidextrous Gloves and Underpad. Catheter Tray users can also select a Catheter Insertion Tray Kit that has the addition of a Universal Connector attached to the 1500 mL Bag. Manufactured by Cure Medical, these Catheter Insertion Trays are DEHP free, BPA free and latex free. The Cure Medical Catheter Insertion Tray Kits provide safe and comfortable catheter insertions. Vitality Medical carries a variety of Catheter Insertion Trays to meet your individual needs at Catheter Insertion Trays.

Cure Medical Catheter Insertion Tray Kit Features & Benefits

  • Kit includes non-staining BZK wipe.
  • Lubricating jelly helps to provide easy insertion.
  • High capacity bag of 1500 mL.
  • Universal connector option.


Cure Medical Catheter Insertion Tray Kit Specifications

  • Cure Twist Catheter Product Numbers: K1, K2.
  • Gender: Male or Female.
  • DEHP Free.
  • BPA Free.
  • Latex Free.
  • Manufacturer: Cure Medical.
  • HCPCS Code: A4310.

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