Healthcare DME Rental Equipment Terms and Conditions

Flexible rental terms | Quick and simple delivery | No long-term commitment

If you cannot get a verification of benefits from your insurance company in time for your needs, you can privately rent it from us until you get everything certified. We provide rental equipment to facilities that need additional equipment to provide care but do not want to buy it permanently. Our facility coordinator can provide a rental program for the rental of specialized equipment such as oxygen concentrators, heavy-duty wheelchairs, and knee scooters.

Let us know if you are a visitor and are only here for a few months. We have the most fair and honest rates available in town.

Rental Equipment Delivery & Pickup:

  • Standard Delivery & Pickup is $75 within a 20 miles radius of our Ann Arbor location. (Additional miles will be charged $3.00 per mile.)

In-store pick-up and drop-off are free.

Rental Equipment Repairs/Maintenance Policy:

  • No emergency service is available for rental equipment. No onsite service is available regardless if equipment has a defect, damaged, or is unusable. Patients or customers must bring their equipment into our patient location in Ann Arbor, MI for service or repairs between the hours of (9AM-5PM EST). There is no guarantee that the patient will receive another piece of equipment, replacement is subject to stock & product availability. Rental equipment availability is not guaranteed, subject to product stock availability.

Rental Equipment Returned Policy:

  • Rental equipment must be returned to Healthcare DME at our Ann Arbor, MI location, before return the equipment must be sanitized, cleaned, and in good working condition. A patient will be charged if any damages are assessed upon return of rental equipment.
  • In case of any damage patient is responsible and solely agrees to pay in full all Labor, Material, & Parts for Damaged, Improper Use of Equipment, Excessive Wear & Tear, Water Damage, Patient Negligence, & Natural disasters for rental equipment.