Custom Compression Therapy Hand Gloves & Mittens

About This Product: Custom compression therapy hand gloves and mittens are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment for venous insufficiency,lymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

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Hand Tracing

Basic Models (See options below)

Options for these Models

Item No Description
001 Zipper (up to 15″ / charge no more than 2)
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
002 Velcro, each opening
011 Add or replace zipper
020 Web spacers – attached
021 Web spacers – separate – worn over glove
041 Leather grips
042 Leather grips (if on all fingers)
043 Palm lining
048 Velcro tab / flap over zipper
050 Velcro connector tabs
053 Slant inserts
054 Elbow lining (front or back) x 2 if full
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
056M Lining – 1/2 wrist 2″ wide
056N Lining – thumb
056AQ Lining – pinkie
056AS Leather insert
056AU Lining – full glove to wrist
057 Monogram