Custom Compression Therapy Knee Length, Thigh Length & Stump Length Stockings

About This Product: Custom compression therapy face masks and chin straps are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment for venous insufficiency,lymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

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For Use With Paper Tapes
IMF – For Use Without Paper Tapes
For Use With Paper Tapes (Stump)

Basic Models (See options below)

Options for these Models

Item No Description
001 Zipper (up to 15″ / charge no more than 2)
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
002 Velcro, each opening
008 Reinforced knee, front or back (x 2 if full)
009 Reinforced heel
010 Reinforce inner thigh ( x 2 if over 6″ from groin)
011 Add or replace zipper
012 Reinforced top to thigh length
017 Soft toe cap
027 Self toe cap
018 Soft top fabric (use with adhesive)
019 It stays – H2O soluble roll-on adhesive+V96
022 Foot web spacer
040 Donning slipper box = 12
048 Velcro tab / flap over zipper
050 Velcro connector tabs
051 Wide or 2″ (5cm) silicone elastic
051B 1/2″ or 5/8″ elastic
051 G Gripper elastic
051E Ensil border
051R Regular 1″ elastic
051S Silicone 1″ elastic (thigh or wrist of sleeve only)
056G Lining – full length of knee support
056H Lining – full length of thigh support
056I Lining – shin (front)
056J Lining – calf (back)
056K Lining – sole
056L Lining -top of foot and ankle
056V Reinforced toe top or bottom
056Y Seamless toe cap
056Z Open heel
056AA Split heel
056AB Stirrups
056AF Boot tabs – 2 per set
056AG Achilles Lining
056AL Lining – full foot
056AP Lining – stump
056AX Finger straps
057 Monogram