• Cannula


    Salter Adult Nasal Cannula with 25′ Oxygen Supply Tubing .AirLife Demand Nasal Cannula, 7 ft. tubing

    Designed for use with most dual-port oxygen conserving regulators. This cannula delivers and senses in both nares which helps ensure oxygen delivery if one nostril becomes occluded..
  • Adult Oxygen Mask with 7-foot Tubing .

    • brand new, individually packaged Premium Adult Oxygen Masks with 7 '(84 ")
    • No-Kink Tubing Under-the-chin design for excellent fit on a wide variety of face sizes
    • soft vinyl for patient comfort and visual patient assessment Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit
    • 10 pack of masks
  • Roscoe Regulator, 0-8 LPM, Standard Standard size regulator Oxygen regulators and oxygen tanks are medical devices used to deliver and regulate supplemental oxygen to a person that requires oxygen therapy.
  • This O2 Bleed Adapter will connect directly to your CPAP machine and allow you to bleed in oxygen with your therapy. Your CPAP tubing will connect to the other end of the adapter.
  • Tubing

    Special design has three inside channels that help prevent the tubing form becoming occluded. Ideal for home patients where long lengths can cause a potential kinking problem.


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