The drug-free Aerobika* device can help.

  • After a COPD exacerbation (flare-up) your lungs may be weakened putting you at risk of another.
  • Unfortunately, healthcare statistics have indicated that 1 in 5 patients hospitalized for a COPD flare-up require re-hospitalization within 30 days.1
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New study results show using the drug-free Aerobika* device within 30 days of a COPD flare-up significantly:

  • Reduced ER visits and hospital stays by almost 30%2

  • Reduced the use of Oral corticosteroids and antibiotics2

Previous studies showed:

    • Improvement in Lung Function3

    • Improvement in Ventilation3

    • Improvement in Quality of Life4 

How to use the Aerobika* Device

Post-flare-up therapy
For the critical 30 days after a COPD flare-up use for 10 minutes, twice daily

Long-term control
For ongoing airway maintenance continue to use at least once a day

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