Combined Magnetic Field for accelerated spine fusion.

CMF SpinaLogic is a portable, battery-powered, micro-controlled, noninvasive bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct electromagnetic treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels.

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  • Lightweight device with cushion strap designed for maximum patient comfort.
  • Can be applied over a cast, brace, or clothing.
  • Most advanced compliance technology to support patient use.9
  • One button technology for ease of use.
  • Experienced customer support team available to all patients.
  • Personalized service by highly trained account representatives available to size, fit and train patients.

DJO global’s CMF bone growth stimulator offers the most current electrical bone healing technology on the market.4

  • CMF technology entered the bone healing market in March of 1994 at 30 minutes wear time per day.
  • The most current electrical technology means that researchers used previous technologies in order to optimize the signal used for bone healing.
  • Several other electrical technologies require longer wear time to achieve successful results.
  • CMF operates within the optimal range for bone healing, meaning that patients need only wear their device for 30 minutes per day to achieve clinical benefits.

Scientific evidence supporting CMF is often considered the MOST relevant…

After testing multiple hypotheses, researcher determined that maximum bone cell response occurred within frequencies similar to those generated intrinsically by functional activity.

The noted, “Resorption of bone is lowest and new-bone formation is greatest when the power of the induced electric fields is concentrated in the very low-frequency range”
( 15Hz -150Hz).5

CMF Spinalogic has been proven to accelerate spinal fusion

CMF Technology is the MOST clinically effective electrical bone growth stimulator at 30 minutes per day.7

The ONLY technology proven to accelerate spine fusion in one simple, 30 minute treatment per day.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 6 in

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