Foley Catheters Silicone Coated Latex 2-Way Urinary Cath


BARDIA Silicone-Coated Latex 2-way Foley Catheter with 5cc Balloon

  • 16.5″ length
  • Made from a hydrophobic material that rejects moisture
  • Silicone-elastomer coating provides comfort against urethral irritation
  • 2-way Foley catheter medium length with 2 opposing eyes
  • 5cc balloon size
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BARDIA Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley Catheter – 2-way

The BARDIA Silicone-Elastomer Coated Latex Foley Catheter utilizes a water-resistant coating that rejects moisture. The silicone-elastomer coating on the Bard Catheter provides protection against urethral irritation, as well as a smoother insertion.

Bard Foley catheters are constructed to be comfortable and minimize irritation. These are designed to be pliable yet strong to better conform to the tortuous urethra to minimize irritation and improve comfort. The catheter tip is also designed with a smooth tip to minimize irritation.

The Bardia Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter is a high quality 2-way Foley catheter is designed and manufactured to be of the highest comfort. It includes a 5 cc balloon.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 1 in


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