Urethral Catheter Dover™ Rob-Nel™ Round Tip Thermosensitive PVC 16 Fr. 16 Inch – 8888492058 Michigan | USA

Urethral Catheter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermosensitive external male catheter is made of a thermosensitive, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material with a smooth rounded tip, integral tapered funnel and two staggered eyes. It is a latex-free urinary catheter.
  • Two staggered eyes.
  • Thermosensitive, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.
  • Sterile.
  • Smooth rounded tip.
  • Integral tapered funnel end.
  • Latex-free.
  • Single-use.

People Urethral Catheter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermosensitive with bladder disorders like spina bifida or multiple sclerosis, and obstruction due to prostate enlargement, urethral strictures or post-operative urinary retention, require catheters to empty their bladders. Continuous catheterization can lead to problems which intermittent catheterization at regular intervals avoids by maintaining a low bladder pressure throughout the day.

Urethral Catheter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermosensitive Product Specifications

Manufacturer # 8888492058
Brand Dover™ Rob-Nel™
Manufacturer Cardinal
Application Urethral Catheter
Eyes 2 Staggered Eyelets
French Size 16 Fr.
Gender Unisex
Length 16 Inch
Material Thermosensitive PVC
Sterility Sterile
Style Round Tip
Usage Disposable
User Adult

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth Dover Rob-Nel Rounded Tip Eases Insertion with Less Tissue Trauma
  • Two Opposing Eyes for Maximum Drainage
  • Integral Tapered Funnel End for Superior Drainage
  • Radiopaque for Use in X-Ray Environments

Urethral Catheter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermosensitive at Sportaid. The design of the Dover Catheter, a comfortable smooth rounded tip, is easy to wear. The Dover Catheter has an integral tapered funnel end with two opposing eyes and is radiopaque.

What Is a Dover Red Rubber?

Dover Urethral Catheter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermosensitive are a type of intermittent used to manage urinary retention. They function just like a straight, except that they are made of red rubber latex instead of plastic. This makes the red rubber catheter a bit more flexible, which some people prefer.

Catheter Works

Urethral Catheter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermosensitive are used like other straight. The catheter is inserted through the urethra into the bladder. Small openings in the tip, called eyelets, allow urine to flow through and exit the body.

The are designed to be used once and then thrown away. Using a new each time reduces the risk of infections such as a Tract Infection

Who Uses 

Urethral Cathe ter Dover Rob-Nel 16Fr Round Tip Thermo sensitive are used by people with a pres cription, but who prefer red rub ber latex over soft plastic.

Since both red rub ber and straight function the same, it may be pos sible for a person to choose one mat erial over the other. How ever, because red rub ber contain latex, they can not be used  by people with latex aller gies. It is ulti mately the doctor’s decision as to which ma terial is most appro priate for their patient use.

How To Get Dover Red  Rub ber Cathe ters

Whether you need Ure thral Cathe ter Dover Rob Nel cathe ters for the first time, or you’re looking for a best pro duct, we can help you get the sup plies you need. We specia lize in making the pro cess of get ting cathe ters as quick and easy as pos sible.

Get ting Ure thral Cathe ter Dover Rob-Nel red rubber cathe ters is easy. Just pro vide us with some basic infor mation, and we’ll handle the rest. You never have to wor ry about the Pro duct: Once its comp lete, you’ll be able to receive dis creet orders of sup plies delive red, each month for as long as you ne ed th em