CPAP Cleaning Wipes



Natural Cleaning Wipes for CPAP Supplies

Keeping CPAP Clean – One Wipe at a Time

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CPAP Cleaning Wipes | Michigan USA


If CPAP wasn’t already a tough regimen to follow, keeping up with maintenance can sometimes be a chore. At Contour our goal is to make CPAP easy for you, so we have developed an natural CPAP Cleaning Wipes formula that will allow you to easily keep your mask clean and fresh everyday!

  • Fast, Easy Daily Cleaner for all types of CPAP masks & equipment
  • Add a hint of aromoatherapy to your CPAP therapy with our new scents!
  • Natural Ingredients freshen and clean your mask without harsh chemicals.
  • Gentle on face and hands, perfect for every day use
  • Remove facial oils, dirt and other organic residue left behind to enhance you mask seal to reduce mask leaks.
  • Alcohol & Latex free

The natural ingredients used allows you to wipe away oil, dirt and other residue build up on your mask and other cpap suppliers. While we know the importance of cleanliness, this is also important when trying to keep your mask sealed to reduce mask leaks.


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