Urethral Catheter Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip Uncoated PVC 14 Fr. 16 Inch – M14C Michigan | USA

Urethral Cure Catheter Coude Tip Introduction

The Urethral Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip 14Fr Intermittent catheterization is the periodic emptying of the bladder by the insertion of a hollow plastic tube into the urethra, past the sphincter muscles and into the bladder. Urine then passes out of the bladder through the catheter.

Urethral Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip 14Fr Intermittent catheterization is used when a person is unable to empty his bladder. Medical conditions that often. Require intermittent catheterization include spinal cord injuries, spina bifida and multiple sclerosis, to name a few. Must be done at regular intervals each day to keep the bladder healthy.

Your healthcare provider has recommended clean self-intermittent catheterization to help empty your bladder and keep your urinary system healthy.

Urethral Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip Specification

Manufacturer No          M14C
Brand                                Cure Catheter™
Manufacturer                 Cure Medical
Country of Origin         China
Application                      Urethral Catheter
Eyes                                     Polished Eyelets
French Size                      14 Fr.
Gender                               Unisex
Length                                16 Inch
Material                             Uncoated PVC
Sterility                              Sterile
Style                                     Coude Tip
Usage                                  Disposable
User                                     Adult

Urethral Catheter Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip Uncoated PVC 14 Fr. 16 Inch – M14C

Self Catheterization Urethral Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip 14Fr Instructions

The Urethral Cure Catheter Coude Tip Self–intermittent catheterization can be performed in a sitting, standing or lying position.

Do what is most comfortable for you. If possible, stand in front of the toilet, sit nearby on a chair or
wheelchair, or sit on the toilet with your legs spread apart.

Before you begin, gather the following materials Urethral Cure Catheter™ in sealed wrapper water soluble lubricant something to cleanse the area soap, water and a washcloth, or unscented disposable wipes.

A container to collect the urine if not cathing on or near a toilet hand towel inspect catheter before use if catheter or package is damaged do not use wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or if not available use an antibacterial hand cleaner.

Intermittent Catheterization Instructions continued

  • The equipment so it is within easy reach. Open the water soluble lubricant and catheter package. The package may open from both ends for ease of use.
  • Apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the tip and first several inches of the catheter.
  • Position yourself comfortably. Arrange clothing so it is out of the way.
  • If sitting on the toilet, spread your legs apart. If lying down, knees can be straight or bent.
  • Hold the penis upright on the sides so that the urethra is not pinched.
  • Retract the foreskin if the penis is uncircumcised.
  • Wash the glans penis from the urethral opening (tip) to the base of the glans with soap, water and washcloth or unscented disposable wipe.
  • Wash with a circular motion from the tip outward.

Instructions continued

While holding the penis upright with one hand at a 45 to 60-degree angle from the body slowly
insert the lubricated catheter into the penis using your dominant hand gently slide the catheter
until you meet resistance at the urethral sphincters do not pull the catheter in and out when you meet resistance just apply gentle but firm continuous pressure until the catheter advances into the bladder.

Insert the Catheter until urine begins to flow if you are standing in front of the toilet or sitting on it with legs spread apart  the urine can drain into the toilet if you are lying down place the funnel end of the catheter into a container to collect the urine hold it in place
until urine stops flowing.


When urine stops flowing, slowly rotate the Urethral Cure Catheter™ Coude Tip 14Fr catheter between your fingers while withdrawing
the catheter. If urine starts to flow again when withdrawing the catheter, stop each time it
flows and let the urine drain. Continue to slowly withdraw until the bladder is
Empty and the catheter is removed. If you are uncircumcised, make sure you bring the foreskin back over when you are finished. Some have very tight sphincters or an enlarged prostate which makes it difficult to pass the catheter into the bladder.

A Coude Tip with a special, curved may make passing the catheter easier.

How Often Should I Catheterize?

Your healthcare provider will let you know how often you will need to perform clean
self-intermittent catheterization and the size of the catheter. you will need continues every four hours until bedtime some people catheterize on a more.
Frequent schedule. Most people who catheterize do not need catheterization at night. Your
healthcare provider will let you know if you need catheterization at night.