Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Straight Tip Hydrophilic Coated Polyurethane 14 Fr. 14 Inch – 28414 Michigan | USA

The Urethral Catheter SpeediCath Straight Tip Hydrophilic 14Fr. 14Inch is the world’s first ready-to-use Hydrophilic-coated intermittent catheter. is designed to be used only one time because it is a sterile, single use catheter. The simple design of the catheter makes it perfect for everyday. The ring-pull feature offers easy opening and the adhesive dot ensures that the catheter stays where it is placed.  The Urethral Catheter Speedi Cath Straight Tip Polyurethane has polished eyelets to create smooth edges between the eyelet and catheter surface. Coloplast says that through a process specifically designed for the edge of every eyelet is polished to create a soft and perfect transition between the eyelet and the catheter surface to address comfort when using the catheter.

  • Easy to carry, store and use
  • Sterile saline included, no need to carry or find water
  • Compact and discreet
  • Fast, no need to wait for catheter to hydrate

Urethral Catheter SpeediCath Straight Tip Hydrophilic 14Fr Product Specifications

Manufacturer # 28414
Brand Speedi Cath®
Manufacturer Coloplast
Application Urethral Catheter
Eyes Polished Eyelets
French Size 14 Fr.
Gender Unisex
Length 14 Inch
Material Hydrophilic Coated Polyurethane
Sterility Sterile
Style Straight Tip
Usage Disposable
User Adult

Urethral Catheter Product description

The Urethral Catheter SpeediCath Straight Tip Hydrophilic 14Fr. 14Inch-28414 instantly ready to use, with a simple design for everyday cathing. No need to add water, lubrication or waiting for the coating to get activated. It does not get any faster or simpler than that. Is designed to address comfort and minimize risk of damage. The unique hydrophilic coating and the polished eyelets ensures smooth catheterization both during insertion and withdrawal. Quick and easy to use. Studies show that is preferred by users for its convenience, speed and discretion.

Why Choose Speedi Cath Straight Tip Catheter 14Fr. 14Inch-28414

Why Choose Urethral Catheter Speedi Cath We provide high quality, Catheters, affordable products, and knowledgable, caring customer support so our customers can maintain an active lifestyle and get out and enjoy life!

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How Do I Self-Catheterise?

Catheter Straight Tip Polyurethane Before use, all catheters should be stored in a dry area, lying flat and straight if the packaging is damaged, do not use.

It is very important to wash your hands before touching or inserting the catheter – you may choose to use a fresh baby wipe if there is no wash hand basin in the toilet.

Once you have washed your hands, do not touch anything else except your catheter.

Most catheters have a sticky back patch which allows you to open it and secure it to a surface nearby, such as a wall or sink, making it easier to access when you are ready to insert it into the urethra.