Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Circulating System



Portable and lightweight See-through design for easy fill indication Plug and play makes operation simple Cold pads to deliver therapy where needed

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Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Circulating System

The Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Circulating System provides controlled hot or cold therapy for extended periods (this allows it to meet a variety of indications and protocols) to help patients and practitioners manage pain and swelling.

Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use; the CT-100 offers a comprehensive, effective, and efficient solution to hot/cold therapy needs.


“Directions for Use of the Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Water Circulation System” in the PATIENT INFORMATION sections in the  Instructions For Use Manual completely before first use, as well as, the entire Instruction For Use Manual.

Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Circulating System

The Thermax Cold Therapy unit is an invigorating, innovative, and soothing alternative to using ice packs for relieving pain and reducing inflammation caused by fatigue, injury, or surgery.

By utilizing an ice water reservoir with a robust, long-lasting, pump to circulate water through a specially made form-fitting bladder, to safely and reliably pump cold water to the affected area for long-lasting relief.

  • The provided pad will fit a variety of joints and body parts with the provided straps.
  • Unit is 10” on all sides with 56” of hose and the pad is 11” long by 12.5” wide with a 9” hose
  • Cryotherapy is very efficient at reducing inflammation.
  • Do not run the unit without water as this can damage the pump.

The Thermax Cold Therapy unit

utilizes a clear body, 10” on all sides, which will easily allow you to not only feel but see when the unit needs additional ice.

While the pad is 11” long by 12.5” wide with a 9” hose, and is designed to conform to a variety of areas including the back, knee, ankle, and elbow.

The unit utilizes a 10” long power cord so it will easily reach a place where you can be comfortable, and has an easy-to-use push-button lid that seals tightly to avoid spills with a rigid handle for easy transportation.

When used properly this system can provide up to 5 hours of sufficient cold therapy because we know when pain rears its ugly head the last thing you want, is an interruption in relief.

We recommend before turning on the system:

Connect the pad Fill the unit with ice then top it off to the fill line with cold tap water. Once the unit is full, place the pad lower than the reservoir, plug it in and turn on the switch.

The unit may take a while to pump water through the pad until it fills completely and removes the air from the lines.

This is normal. For best results place the reservoir away from any heat sources. We have also provided a hook on either side of the unit to store the 56” hose safely and conveniently around the unit when not in use.

Do not lay on the pad as this will stop the flow of water through it reducing cooling capacity and straining the pump.

This Comfortmax Thermax Hot/Cold Circulating System unit is Available in Michigan USA

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in