Ambulatory Equipment’s in Michigan USA

Our wide variety of ambulatory equipment including walkers, rollators, canes, crutches, shower chairs, various types of transfer equipment, wheelchairs and more. We also offers 1 to 2 days delivery to 95% of customers with 99.8% order accuracy. We can also ship online orders directly to your patients with patient home delivery.

As ambulatory equipment and post-acute care evolve, make sure your physician practice. As the nation’s largest distributor of wholesale medical supplies and equipment, Healthcare DME Home Medical Supply is ready to support you. Our products include high-quality national brands.

Reclaim your mobility with our complete line of exclusive mobility aids from top manufacturers in the business. These products are created to provide greater independence to those with restricted mobility. There is a huge range of user-friendly lift chairs, mobility scooters and wheelchairs designed to make movement smooth and perform routine tasks with ease. We also carry lifts and ramps, gait trainers, miscellaneous mobility aids, and patient lifts from top brands. Safe, reliable and durable, all these mobility products are competitively priced mixing quality with affordability. All these products will help you defeat your mobility restrictions and get back your freedom.

Which Mobility Aid to choose?

Our mobility equipment range is wide and varied but which one is right for you will depend on your condition. For example, when choosing a scooter the factors to consider would be:

Do you need a mobility scooter for indoor use or outdoors?

Do you need one for basic mobility purpose or to suit an active lifestyle?

Do you need a three-wheel or four-wheel scooter?

Choose your mobility aid product from the range we offer, base your selection on your specific needs, customize whenever possible and make your life easier and more comfortable. These products are from the top names in the industry like Drive Medical, ProBasics, Pride Mobility, Vive Health, etc.

Lift Chairs

Two- and three-position lift chairs are powered by a mechanism that lifts the user up into a standing position. This means minimum effort for both the caregiver and the patient. Ideal for use during the post surgery phase and for those who have difficulty sitting down or standing up. These are especially useful for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, balance disorders and cerebral palsy. Lift chairs also include recline benefits allowing the user to recline down to a desired level without compromising safety or comfort. Some of our lift chairs provide full recline making it convenient for patients with a weak back to lie down fully. All controls are placed in the armrest of the chair. So experience quiet and smooth operations with the push of a button.


Wheelchairs offer increased freedom to those who have impaired mobility and find it difficult to move around on their own. Our manual wheelchairs and power chairs are easily customizable to suit individual needs. There is a huge range in manual wheelchairs with bathroom/shower wheelchairs, reclining back wheelchairs, transporters as well as sports/top end manual wheelchairs. Our power chairs range has several high-end chairs to keep people on the move. There are bariatric wheelchairs as well wheelchairs for the pediatric. Lightweight wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs form an integral part of our wheelchair collection. All our disability aids are from leading brands like Everest & Jennings, Acta-Back, Jazzy, Nova, Protekt, Visco-Back, Tracer IV, etc.

Mobility Scooters

Our battery-operated mobility scooter range is varied and includes three-wheel scooters and four-wheel scooters for outdoors, indoors and travel. They are portable and allow for easy swiveling and maneuvering in tight spaces. There are also mobility scooters with ergonomically enhanced seating to offer wide choice in sizes. Top scooter brands are available including Go-Go, Victory, Spitfire, Pursuit, Bobcat and Maxima.

Mobility Aids

Mobility walking aids form a crucial part of patient mobility. Canescrutcheswalkers, and rollators provide a sense of independence enabling self-sufficiency. Our collection of crutches from Drive Medical, Medline, FDI Forearm Crutch, Tubular Fabricators offer sturdy support and are on top of the line. We have a wonderful assortment of canes which include bariatric canes, quad canes, folding canes, tripod canes, retractable ice-tip canes and canes for the visually impaired. Check out our rollator styles – from three-wheel, four-wheel to transport and bariatric. Our versatile mobility walkers will certainly attract your attention. Choose from posture control walkers, two-button release walkers, single release walkers, dual release walkers, bariatric walkers, folding walkers, beach walkers, knee walkers and hemi walkers.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts Manual Hoyer Lift, Electronic Full Body Patient Lift are used by caregivers to transfer an individual with limited mobility into and out of a bed, commode, shower, etc. Our power lifts involve minimum effort and smooth transfers. They have options of both electric current and battery powered. Manual lifts offer maximum support with minimum effort. There are hydraulic-powered lifts, bariatric manual lifts, pool transfer lifts, etc. Patient lift slings are ideal for individuals with highly-impaired mobility, bariatric or people with restricted head control or neck support.

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