Urethral Catheter Cure Twist™ Straight Tip Lubricated PVC 14 Fr. 6 Inch – T14 Michigan | USA

Urethral Catheter Cure Twist Straight Tip Female 6 Inches Intermittent Catheter offers exceptional benefits for women on the go. It is a sterile, single-use catheter and has a unique, attractive shape and size similar to typical cosmetic products. Not made with DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex. Cure Twist is preferred by women who value discretion and convenience.


  1. Available in small and compact size
  2. Easy to use
  3. Soft straight catheter tip
  4. No chemicals

How to use Urethral Catheter Cure Twist Straight Tip Female 6 Inches Catheter?

Self- Intermittent Catheterization:

Intermittent catheterization is the periodic emptying of the bladder by the insertion of a hollow plastic tube (catheter) into the urethra, past the sphincter muscle and into the bladder.

Urine then passes out of the bladder through the catheter.

Intermittent catheterization is used when a person is unable to empty her bladder. Medical conditions that often require intermittent catheterization include spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, and multiple sclerosis, to name a few.

Intermittent catheterization must be done at regular intervals each day to keep the bladder healthy.

Self-Intermittent Catheterization Instructions for Women:

Most women who perform self-intermittent catheterization sit on the toilet or nearby in a chair or wheelchair when they pass the catheter into the urethra. Other women may perform it lying down with pillows behind their backs. Do what is most comfortable for you. Initially, you may want to use a mirror to help visualize the urethral opening where the catheter is inserted. The mirror can be placed on a low stool in front of the toilet seat. It may take time for you to locate the proper opening. Eventually, most women learn to catheterize by touch and feel.

Before you begin, gather the following materials:

    • Cure Twist Catheter in sealed wrapper
    • Water soluble lubricant
    • Something to cleanse the area: soap, water, and a washcloth, or unscented disposable wipes
    • A container to collect the urine if not cathing while sitting on a toilet
    • Hand towel
  • Inspect catheter before use. If catheter or package is damaged do not use.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, or if not available, use an antibacterial hand cleaner.
  • Lay out the equipment so it is within easy reach. Open the water-soluble lubricant and catheter package. The Cure Catheter package may open from both ends for ease of use. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the tip and first inch of the catheter.
  • Position yourself comfortably. Arrange clothing so it is out of the way. If sitting on the toilet, spread your legs far apart. If lying down, bend knees and place your heels together in a “frog-like” position.


  • Using the non-dominant hand, separate the labia with the thumb and forefinger to locate the urethra.
  • With the labia separated, wash the urethral area from front to back thoroughly with soap, water, and washcloth or unscented disposable wipe. Never go back and forth over the urethral opening. Repeat washing from front to back with the different areas of the washcloth or throw away wipe.
  • With your dominant hand, insert the intermittent catheter gently into the urethral opening. Continue to insert the catheter about 2 inches until urine begins to flow.
  • If sitting on the toilet the urine can drain into the toilet. If lying down, place the funnel end of the catheter into a container to collect the urine. Hold it in place until urine stops flowing.
  • When urine stops flowing, slowly rotate the catheter between your fingers while withdrawing the catheter. If urine starts to flow again, stop withdrawing the catheter and let the urine drain. When the bladder is empty, finish removing the catheter.

Cure Twist Women Straight Tip Catheter Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Catheter Length 6 Inches
Catheter Tip Straight Tip
Gender Female
Catheter Funnel Universal Funnel End
Catheter French Size 14FR
Drainage Eyes Smooth Polished Eyelets

Easy Usage

Urethral Catheter Cure Twist Straight Tip it may be intimidating but the procedure is actually simple and in no time the patient will get used to it. Catheterization can be done by patient itself.

It is easy to perform in case of children as well. If the patient has some physical limitation, then a caregiver or parent can assist in the process.

As compared to other catheters that Urethral Catheter Cure Twist Straight Tip connected to the urethra, intermittent catheterization proves to be an effective solution.

Safe To Use

Urethral Catheter Cure Twist Straight Tip that catheters when used for long term, like Indwelling catheters, can lead to certain kind of complications like:

  1. Blockage
  2. Infection
  3. Bladder spasm
  4. Leaks etc.,