Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Compact Plus Straight Tip Hydrophilic Coated Polyurethane 14 Fr. 3-1/2 Inch – 28814 Michigan | USA

SpeediCath® Compact Plus Straight Tip 14Fr Hydrophilic Catheter Straight Tip is designed to suit the anatomy of the female body. About the same size as a lipstick, it is convenient and easy to use. For women who require it, Speedi Cath Compact Plus is longer by two centimeters. This catheter delivers efficient and hygienic catheterization with high user satisfaction and minimal friction or discomfort. It features hydrophilic surface and smooth polished drainage eyelets. The innovative and award winning design of this catheter sets the standard for discretion for female self catheterization.

Why use SpeediCath® Compact Plus Straight Tip 14Fr Hydrophilic?

  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Comes with 3.5 inches catheter length
  • Straight catheter tip
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Hydrophilic Coating
  • Made with polyurethane material
  • Available in sterile version

Product Specifications

Manufacturer # 28814
Brand Speedicath® Compact Plus
Manufacturer Coloplast
Application Urethral Catheter
Eyes Fire Polished Eyelets
French Size 14 Fr.
Gender Female
Length 3-1/2 Inch
Material Hydrophilic Coated Polyurethane
Sterility Sterile
Style Straight Tip
Usage Disposable
User Adult

Why choose SpeediCath® Compact Plus Straight Tip 14Fr Hydrophilic?

  • Easy and safe handling due to the brevity of the catheter and the integrated handle
  • Ready to use by embedding in a sterile liquid with coated catheters eyes
  • The most preferred and compact catheter for women
  • Pre Hydrated and easy to handle
  • Instantly ready to use due to the unique hydrophilic coating
  • Easy grip handle allows for hygienic non touch insertion and control
  • This coated inter mittent catheter does not contain natural rubber latex
  • PVC and phthalate free

When to use Speedi Cath Compact Plus 3.5 Inches Intermittent Catheter?

  • Indicated for use by patients with chronic urine retention and patients with a post void residual volume (PVR) due to neurogenic and non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction
  • Intended for females only
  • The catheter is inserted into the urethra to reach the bladder allowing urine to drain

What to buy with SpeediCath® Compact Plus Straight Tip 14Fr Hydrophilic Women Catheter?

How to use Speedi cath Compact Plus Latex free Female Catheter?

  • Start by washing your hands thoroughly with water and soap, remember also to wash your thumbs. Alcohol hand gel can be used if you don’t have access to washing facilities
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you will need before you start
  • You will need a catheter of the appropriate size, intimate wipes or soap with a neutral pH value and water and perhaps a mirror which can be fastened onto your thigh
  • Pull your clothes down so you can move freely when doing the catheterization and sit down on the toilet
  • If you are able to urinate always try before you use a catheter
  • The catheter is protected by a tube that must be separated from the catheter before use
  • First hold the catheter with one hand at the lower section then break the transparent label by twisting the upper part and the lower part in opposite directions
  • Keep the cathe ter vertical and pull the two parts apart until you feel a slight resistance and hear a click and the upper hand slightly forwards and backwards to release the catheter
  • Empty the water from the lower tube and keep it for later disposal of the catheter
  • The catheter itself must be placed standing on an even surface where you can easily reach it
  • Make sure that you do not touch the lubricated part with your skin or clothes
  • To prevent pushing bacteria into the urethra and blad der when you use the cathe ter you must first clean the area around the urethra properly
  • This might be easier for you if you fasten a mirror onto your thigh
  • Spread the labia apart and wash the opening to the urethra
  • Wash from front to back in order not to transfer any bacteria and cause an infection
  • Use each wipe only once
  • Make sure that the catheter does not touch anything before you insert it into the urethra
  • If it does you must use a new catheter
  • Touching the sink or your clothes or skin for example will contaminate the catheter and can potentially cause infection
  • To make insertion of the catheter as easy as possible it is important that you relax
  • Slowly and gently insert the catheter into your urethra
  • Make sure you use gentle movements
  • Continue to insert the catheter until it reaches your blad der and the urine starts to flow then continue for a few more centimeters
  • When the flow stops move a little and straighten your self up to make sure that the blad der is completely empty
  • With draw the catheter slowly to ensure that you drain any remaining urine at the base of your blad der
  • You can dispose of your cathe ter and the packaging in your house hold rub bish
  • Do not flush it down the toilet
  • Wash your hands and you have completed the process the cathete rization

Safety Information for Speedi Cath Compact Plus Catheter

  • Patients performing Speedi Cath® Compact Plus Straight Tip 14Fr Hydro philic self catheterization should follow the advice of, and direct questions about use of the product to, their medical pro fessional
  • These cathe ters are available by pres cription only
  • The Speedi Cath cathe ter is for single use only, discard it after use
  • Before using the device, carefully read the product labels and in formation accompanying the device in cluding the ins tructions for use which contain ad ditional safety infor mation
  • If you experience symptoms of a urinary tract in fection, or are unable to pass the cathe ter into the blad der, contact your health care pro fessional