Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Compact Telescoping Hydrophilic Coated PVC 12 Fr. 13-1/5 Inch – 28702 Michigan | USA

Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Compact Hydrophilic 12Fr Product description

Designed for discretion, Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Compact Telescoping Hydrophilic Coated 12Fr Male is approximately half the size of standard intermittent catheters and features a non medical, discreet design. Its compact design makes Speedi Cath Compact Male more convenient to store, carry and dispose of without compromising ease of use.

A unique hydrophilic coating and polished eyelets designed to reduce friction, increase comfort, and minimize the risk of damage.

The benefits of Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Compact Telescoping Hydrophilic Coated 12Fr Male:

Discreet and instantly ready to use catheter for men. It is convenient to store, carry and dispose without having to compromise with the ease of use. It is almost half the size of standard male intermittent catheters and comes in a non-medical, discreet design. Speedi Cath coated hydrophilic catheter comes with polished eyelets for reduced friction and increased comfort minimizing the risk of urethral damage.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer # 28702
Brand Speedi Cath® Compact
Manufacturer Colop last
Application Urethral Catheter
Eyes Polished Eyelets
French Size 12 Fr.
Gender Male
Length 13-1/5 Inch
Material Hydrophilic Coated PVC
Sterility Sterile
Style Telescoping
Usage Disposable
User Adult

Key benefits

The way you empty your bladder is your business and Sp eedi Cath Compact Male keeps it that way. It’s the most compact catheter for men on the market yet thanks to the innovative and award-winning design. Easy to use without compromising safety or hygiene.

  • Rated discreet by 96% of users
  • Rated easy to use by 85% of users
  • Its unique instantly ready to use
  • Can be inserted without touching the coated section

This catheter has changed my life completely

Dan, Spee di Cath Compact Male user.

For father of two Dan, Spee di Cath Comp act Male is the difference between yes and no. When his multiple sclerosis began leaving him with little control over his bladder, Dan’s life grew more and more constrained. More often than not he would avoid leaving the house for fear of not being near a toilet. But catheterization started to give him new confidence and now with the extra discretion and convenience provided by Spee di Cath Comp act, the Dan that says yes’ is well and truly back.

Urethral Catheter SpeediCath® Compact Hydrophilic 12Fr

Mike, Compact Male user.

Mountain trekker and sales manager Mike, that performs as well in the mountains as it does in his daily life. That’s why he uses The huge advantage of this product is that you can use it discreetly and quickly, both in everyday life and when travelling explains Mike. Its also easy to transport and that gives me more freedom when I’m on long trips to the mountains. I have a six week trip to Nepal later this year I have the perfect catheter to make the trip a success.

“I can go places I never dared to before”

Compact Male user.

An extreme sports fanatic, Christophe says Male’s discreet design and secure casing make it a natural fit for his active lifestyle. Whether he’s kite surfing paragliding skiing quad biking or sailing Christophe often finds himself in some out of the way places places he wouldn’t dream of being in if it wasn’t for Male’s unique capabilities. Its ease of use its discreet design and solid construction have rapidly made it indispensable for the Frenchman